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19 September 2011 @ 06:32 pm
chapter 3 enjoy  

Chapter 3

Blake and Leighton both woke up from the harsh fall of rain and the sneaking of lighting inside the dark cave. It was incredibly cold and the warmth that the small cave could give was not enough. It was obvious that among the two of them, it was the brunette who is more frightened, more unsure, more hopeless. And Blake was afraid she is becoming one too. But strength is needed at this point in time and the shorter girl needs her the most. She felt Leighton moved closer to where she is sitting. And she couldn’t be more honest. She missed her. Too much even. She held the shorter girls hand but much to her surprise, Leighton pulled away.

“Hug me”, the brunette asked.

Blake couldn’t complain. It was Leighton. Her mind could’ve told her otherwise but she succumbs into her warmth once again. Blake buried her face into Leighton’s hair and hugged her from behind. The shorter girl felt better and warmer.



“Why are you on the same ship as mine? Are you planning to go to San Andres, Too?” Leighton asked while playing on the taller girl’s hair.

“I …uhm, yeah… yes. I plan to go there to.” Blake explained uneasily.

Leighton fell silent. Blake asked this time.

“Why are you heading to San Andres?”

This time, it was Leighton’s turn to be lost for words.

“I’m… uhm…” the brunette stammers.

Blake smiled.

“It’s okay if you cannot tell me now.”

Leighton looked at those cobalt blue ocean eyes. She cannot lie. God she could never lie to her, unlike what the blonde did.

“I’m getting married” she said it and said it with distinct tone that even the president of America could say yes. Her gaze dropped 30 feet below and she couldn’t look at Blake. She felt her embrace loosen and then the blonde let go.

Blake tried to catch her eyes and God, Leighton knows that her friend is pretending to be happy. She knows her too well. She hope she doesn’t know her too well because Blake is smiling like an idiot and her lips are grinning from cheek to cheek but her eyes are an epitome of sadness, of desperation, of lost. She avoided her eyes and inhaled. And at last after a million years of silence, Blake was finally able to construct the words in her mouth,

“I’m so happy for you, Leigh.” Kill me now please.

“Thanks” she said finally smiling, too.

“Ed Westwick is a very lucky man. You’ll both be great” the blonde said still not dropping the silly smile she has been wearing since the conversation.

Leighton looked at her unsurprised, bowed her head.

“It’s not Ed, Blake.” She said almost in whisper.

Blake looked at her. Eyes clearly fixed and surprised. But she never failed to smile.

“Then who?” she asked. It doesn’t matter, really. You’re still getting married.

Leighton looked at her with that look that she won’t forget the rest of her life.

“It’s Olivia. Olivia Wilde.”

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