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23 September 2011 @ 11:20 am
chapter 4  

Chapter 4

The next few hours fell incredibly eerie and silent. They both knew they were avoiding the fact of skin touching, eye holding and mind reading. And when Leighton couldn’t bear anymore, she slid her hands inside Blake’s shirt and groaned when she grasped something circular and oh so … On the other hand, Blake was between exploding and moaning. The instance of the act was something far from her dreamings and wishings and moaning and God, did she moan? Hell. Yeah. She did. Especially when she felt Leighton’s eyes on her, filled with raw lust and desire she never saw ever in her entire existence. The brunette moved closer and the space between them becomes hair-thin and the next thing they knew, their lips have met, their hands have held and their hearts are hammering inside their chests. The old ways are back, the groping and unsettled words, unfinished businesses were left unfinished but they were both thinking that bad becomes better when the heat is on.

Blake held Leighton’s face and continued the kiss. This time, it was slow, lazy; it becomes numbered, counted in ways that only the both of them knew. They knew its getting closer, they knew its already there and before they knew anything else more, Leighton withdrew her guts, words left her mouth and the feeling of fear crept inside her like an old friend. Blake looked at her. Lust leaving her eyes and she knew, oh how she knew. And from there it stuck her. Leighton is engaged and is about to get married. IF they can survive the island.

“I’m sorry, Leigh, I shouldn’t have done that.” Blake said while standing up. Before the brunette could even reply, Blake left the cave. Leighton ran after her.

“Blake!” she shouted. The blonde didn’t bother to look. She won’t let her see her cry in this situation. It’s her fault anyway but Leighton kept calling and she kept on running. Suddenly, the calling stopped but its too late for Blake to know because when she decided to head back to Leighton, and talk to her, she saw Leighton sitting on the ground, her hands on her hands on her leg that is oozing with blood.

Blake stood before her, shocked but immediately sat quickly beside the brunette. She looked at the source of blood,wiped it dry with her bare hands and saw to small holes. Her eyes widened.

“Leighton!” But Leighton was in pain and couldn’t look at her. She took a piece of cloth from her own shirt and tied it above the bite on Leighton’s left leg. After a haste movement, she put her on the wound and sucked the blood and spit it out. Blake did this several times before asking Leighton to stand up.

“We need to get you to the nearest river, Leigh, please”

The two ladies struggle for balance and strength as they proceed deeper into the wilderness before they saw heard a noise of crashing water. In their continuous walk they saw it, a waterfall in the deeper part of the island. Blake immediately put Leighton down and washed her wound.

“We need to get out of here.” Blake said. “Wait for me.” She told the brunette.

When the blonde came back, she has woods on her hands. Leighton looked at her confused.

“What are you gonna do with that?” she asked.

“Fire. We need help.” She said while gathering dried leaves and stones. After a while, Leighton smelled smoke and she saw Blake with a silly grin on her face.

“Good job, rover.” Leighton chuckled still sitting on a big rock.

The sky was high and they are on an open field. And the smoke is getting better. “are you hungry?” Leighton asked Blake.

“Yeah, I want McDonalds.” She joked. And they both laughed. Leighton smiled at her. So genuine, Blake almost had to catch her breath.

“No, im not hungry. Are you?” she asked the shorter girl back. “ No.”

“Im taking a bath.” Blake said.

“Oh” is what all Leighton could say. Blake smiled. And Leighton’s grinned silly and her mind? Oh her cruel mind laughed and is in lust again...

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