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They're Super, Thanks For Asking!

All things considered they couldn't be better they must say.

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The Place Where You Squee About Bleighton
The Trailer Of Unbridled Girlsex, located on the front lawn of Le Maison Du Homoerotica
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Q: What the hell is this place?
A: Good question. This is where you come to post pictures, fic, videos, scientific studies, sitcoms, manips, Sim-ventures, librettos, fuzzy musings, sensitive poetry, folk songs, flowcharts, icons, etc. of, and squee yourself silly about, Blake and Leighton, their ~sizzling~ chemistry, and myriad ~homo moments~. Because they're the cutest fake couple ever and we want them to get gay married in a big Amsterdam cathedral, wearing a whole lotta diaphanous gownery. Except for Blake. She's wearing a cream tux with a top hat and tails and spiffy knee-buckled breeches. Seriously, we've got it all picked out. Basically, welcome to a WORLD OF PURE IMAGINATION.

Q: I was under the impression that He-Man and She-Ra were the cutest fake couple ever.
A: Well, you were wrong.

Q: Why should I join?
A: Members-locked posting is optional here. If you're not a member you are missing some wicked posts, so join, goddammit.

Q: I wrote this epic AU where they fall in love on an 18th century pirate ship. Can I post that here?
A: Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!

Q: What about something set at a ninja training academy?
A: I look forward to reading you soon!

Q: How about something set during the Acadian Diaspora?
A: I'm calling the police.

Q: Who is the anonymous poster?
A: The anonymous poster is Stephanie Savage.

Q: Are you going to tell me what the rules are already?

~Our Lovely Rules, The Breaking Of Which Shall Result In A Rain Of Fire Occasionally Preceded By Gentle Nagging ~

1. Put a cut after: the first photo in a series, the first macro, the third icon, the fifth thumbnail, the header of your fic, the first video. Any image larger than 700x700 must go under a cut. Here's how to make a cut
2. Anything containing spoilers goes under a marked cut. Them walking down the street in costume isn't a spoiler. But if the picture tells you something about a future plot development, that's a spoiler.
3. No hotlinking people's stuff. If you want to post a picture, you can upload it at Imageshack. If you wanna up something over 2000 pixels, you can do it at imagevenue.com and if you wanna up something NSFW, you can do it at bayimg.com
4. Save the drama for your mama fanfic. Hostility toward other members is the ultimate NO.
5. If your icon post doesn't have at least 3 squares of them together or something about this ship, it will be kidnapped by goblins in the dark cloak of night. If you're posting wallpapers/banners there must be at least one devoted to the Bleighton ship. Likewise, don't tease your art post with the girls in shippy poses of a non-Bleighton variety.
6. No Blair/Serena fic.
7. Do not bash their real-life relationships/significant others.
8. No off-topic posts. Which means no friending memes, no popularity polls, etc. Your post should have something to do with the ship or their big sparkly gayness. That means if you're posting something about the girls separately, please add some gay commentary to make the post relevant to this community. Doing it wrong: "Hey guys, here's a picture of Blake at the Golden Globes, isn't she pretty?" Doing it right: Hey guys, here's a pic of Blake at the Golden Globes, isn't she pretty? How is Leighton going to rip that off tonight? a: Like a bolt of horny lightning. b: Like a greased wolverine. c: In her time, with pruning shears.
9. Put a subject on your post and tag it goddamn
10. If you're reposting pics make sure you have at least five in your post.
11. No reposting videos.

Q: Okay, I'm joining. Please tell me I get to make my community post debut with a truly demented member introduction questionnaire. I do so love those.
A: Well, then prepare for your dreams to come true.


you know you love squee


~These are the communities we'd call to help us drag a dead body across the floor~

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this week's header by for_cieux_bleus

(sexual) tension on set, 1-800 work-it, a different light, a really long phase, ambiguously bi duo, baby's got a secret, baggers at subtext supermarket, bet you're dying to, better blatant than latent, blair waldorf, blair/serena, blake, blake in drag, blake is a stud, blake lively, blake lively: licensed diver, blake meester, blake/leighton, bleighton, bläken the bloodthirsty, bläken/laetin, brokeback bergdorf, but you can't stop, butchyfemme/femmyfemme, can't prove a negative, chemistry cranked to 11, closets are for couture, come into my arms!, come rainbows, crying and hugging, dawn ostroff's worst nightmare, dear ms. lively-meester, death grip, delicate sparrow inthe rain, dirty up your mind, dykeadelic, dykey for my co-star, dyxploitation, ear-licking, eat my fruit, emo librarian leighton, eyefucking, eyesex, fake sailor tattoos, faster leighton faster, femslash, field hockey perversion, filling up spilling over, fists of love, gay jewish monkey, gay!baby!taylor, gaymos party of two, get a room, glomping, gossip gays, gossip girl, grabby hands, gratuitous cuddlebunnies, groping blake lively, hide inside your head, homos, hug it out, i represent queens, impromptu groping, inappropriate touching, inseparable, internet spooning, is that enough yet?!, laetin meesterdottir, leighton, leighton lively, leighton meester, leighton sucking blake's thumb, leighton's secret blake poetry, leighton/blake, lightning hands lively, little miss grabby hands, lolrotica, make love tothe camera, meesterkat/livelion, my little pony, ninja love cadets, old married couple, olympic flirters, omg you homos, pantsuit!blake, penny has two mommies, photoshopping leighton over penn, pinned to a field, pirates of subtext sea, ponymuffin, porn and handcuffs, pouncy mcpouncington, public feeding, queens of subtext mountain, queerest of the queer, raspberry swirl, retextualize, ride my pony, rpf, rpfs, rps, rubyfruit jungle, rubyfruit metropolis, rug lounging, sashay chante, screaming on a field, sensualisquee, serena van der woodsen, serena vanderboyfriend, serena/blair, sexuality young&warm&wild&free, shower singers, shrieking with glee, snugglebunnies aisle one, something's coming over, sometimes when we touch, sparrow girl, squeaktoy, squeezebox, squeezetoy, stephanie savage: biker chick, stud pony, stóðhross, subtext, surprise sweater pulling, surprise tickle revenge, tag teaming ice creaming, taste the rainbow, teach you how to, tear dryee/tear dryer, the persistent desire, this fence feels terrific!, through a lavender lens, touchy feely, touchy mcfeelington, trailersex, trapped in the closet, u better work, ust-a-palooza, vagina hat, vanilla stallion, waldsen, what's good for you, would've rode me harder, xena levels of subtext, xoxo, you have been bleightonated, you know, you love squee

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