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19 February 2017 @ 08:11 pm
Does this count as a squeesta? I know that no one's going to respond anymore, but god I miss them so much. [The cut isn't working.]

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09 June 2012 @ 06:17 pm
001 - 006 Nina Dobrev (w/ Ian Somerhalder), 007 - 027 Gossip Girl, 028 Ashley Tisdale, 029 - 039 Selena Gomez, 040 - 041 Kristen Stewart, 042 - 048 Leighton Meester, 049 - 052 Vanessa Hudgens, 053 - 054 Harry Styles

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15 February 2012 @ 01:23 pm
one direction, gossip girl, the vampire diaries icons
01 November 2011 @ 04:25 pm
001 - 003 Leighton Meester, 004 - 008 Phoebe Tonkin, 009 - 022 The Vampire Diaries, 023 - 042 Gossip Girl
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21 October 2011 @ 01:41 pm
23 September 2011 @ 04:18 pm

Chapter 5

When Leighton saw the nudeness of Blake in front of her she swallowed hard. Hard enough for Blake to hear and when the taller girl saw the reaction she smirked and when the shorter girl saw the silly smirk she rolled her eyes. They have seen each others body before. They have memorized every inch of each others skin but the fact that they are alone and lost in some wilderness gave Leighton a different feeling of attraction.

“Make it fast. There could be some danger. We don’t know.” The brunette hissed. Probably she was aware of the danger, yes, but she was more aware of the blue orb eyeing her and the skin behind that water makes her….water somewhere…

She watched Blake plunge into the water and slowly, softly grazing the stillness and warmth of each drop. The brunette tried so hard not to stare but she is actually not just staring but she is scrutinizing every detail, every move… When Blake finally withdrew from the coldness she met Leighton’s eyes and they stared at each other, who cares how long?

“Come with me” Blake demanded but for Leighton, it sounded more like of a plea.

“Are you crazy or are you just born blind? Can’t you see that I can’t even walk here?” the brunette rolled her eyes.

Blake, defeated, retreated into the water. They avoided each others gaze again. Leighton saw Blake plunge in and her thoughts drifted into another town where there was her fiancée Olivia waiting for her with open arms and they live in a home with a dog. /and she smiled. But on the corner of her mind where her heart dwells, she saw Blake’s face innocently looking at her. Laughing with her. Fighting with her. It seems like everything can be done and is possible with Blake by her side. But they just won’t fit in. Blake’s world is full of boys, girls, alcohol and sex. She just wont fit in. she tried a thousand times before, but she failed. And Blake is just so crazy, so wonderful, so perfect and she is complete without her so she let her go because she can’t see her whenever she’s in front of her. Leighton took a deep breath and searched for the blonde. But the blonde was not in sight.

“Blake!” she called. But no one answered.

She stood up and got surprised when she did. But she was too busy walking to mind. She still hadn’t seen Blake.

“Blake Lively come out now.” She demanded with voice full of distinction but the blonde hadn’t shown. She sat beside the water and called again.

“Blake!! I’m really pissed off right now!! Get out of the water and…AHHHH!!!!”

Before Leighton could even say anything, Blake grabbed her from the water and the next thing Leighton knew, she is wet and damn Blake now. Two heads suffocate and both of them reached for air. The sound of water all over. Blake was laughing so hard but Leighton was red as an apple. (Cant think any redder.hoho)

She was about to get out of the water when Blake grabbed her by the arm. Leighton ignored her.

“You’re an old, old mother goat, Meester.” Blake grinned.

Leighton’s head automatically turned. “What did you say?! REPEAT that and you’ll be SO VERY DEAD, Lively!!” the brunette screamed. She was pointing to the blonde now.

“Oh yeah?” Blake laughed so hard.

Leighton couldn’t stand it anymore. She walked towards Blake with her heart hammering her chest and her ego, her anger, her madness, all together pressed in Blake Lively’s lips?

And they stood there on the water with lips pressed together and all her anger and ego and madness was gone. And Olivia was nowhere to be found. With just one kiss.

Blake grabbed her waist and she held her back and they were moaning. Their bodies are cold and pressed together and yet it produces another kind of heat that could hurt them both. The thought of Blake’s nakedness in front of her made Leighton shiver. And Blake, on the other hand, couldn’t ask for more. The blonde cupped the shorter girl’s face. Leighton’s hand became curious and eager and all she wanted was to be taken now. It’s fast, hell yeah and she knows it. She grabbed the blonde’s breasts, and she heard Blake moan for her, she heard the ache and she knew she wanted this, too. Blake Lively wanted this. The thing that she has taken for granted before was finally here in front of her giving her a thousand second chances. She reached for Leighton’s neck and kissed it passionately. She slowly removed the cloth that walls her haven. And soon enough they were skin to skin. Leighton moaned harder, and their breathing was becoming shorter and shorter.

“Blake…” Leighton hissed behind clenched teeth.

“Leighton…I love you.” Blake said kissing her full on the lips.

Leighton looked at her surprised but the look passed away when she felt the blonde’s fingers settle for a place between her thighs, and started playing that hardness in there.

And Leighton moaned ever so loudly, cursing the birds and the bees. The brunette dug her lips deeper into Blake’s and did what the taller girl is doing to her. When her fingers found them, it is Blake’s turn for pleasure and her blonde hair shone before her eyes and the blueness of them was now even darker with lust and desire.

“Moan for me, baby...” Leighton commanded.

But Blake was just whimpering, ever so trying to stop herself with the pleasure.

Leighton played more seductively. She teased it, left it, played with it and Blake was there feeling everything with her eyes closed and moaning.

“Good girl…” Leighton smiled and kisses Blake on the lips again.

The brunette is now screaming Blake’s name and all the other saints and all the other gods and goddesses and Blake knew she is getting nearer and nearer.

“Good heavens, don’t you dare stop Lively.” The brunette ordered.

Blake smiled and continued the tease. She bit her lip hard when she inserted a finger on Leighton. The brunette pulled the blondes hair and bit her shoulder. The intensity was her drive and she knew she’s coming for Blake. She tilted her head backwards and felt the long endless fingers invade her privacy. Soon enough the sound of the water blurred and the only name she cared about was Blake...

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23 September 2011 @ 11:20 am

Chapter 4

The next few hours fell incredibly eerie and silent. They both knew they were avoiding the fact of skin touching, eye holding and mind reading. And when Leighton couldn’t bear anymore, she slid her hands inside Blake’s shirt and groaned when she grasped something circular and oh so … On the other hand, Blake was between exploding and moaning. The instance of the act was something far from her dreamings and wishings and moaning and God, did she moan? Hell. Yeah. She did. Especially when she felt Leighton’s eyes on her, filled with raw lust and desire she never saw ever in her entire existence. The brunette moved closer and the space between them becomes hair-thin and the next thing they knew, their lips have met, their hands have held and their hearts are hammering inside their chests. The old ways are back, the groping and unsettled words, unfinished businesses were left unfinished but they were both thinking that bad becomes better when the heat is on.

Blake held Leighton’s face and continued the kiss. This time, it was slow, lazy; it becomes numbered, counted in ways that only the both of them knew. They knew its getting closer, they knew its already there and before they knew anything else more, Leighton withdrew her guts, words left her mouth and the feeling of fear crept inside her like an old friend. Blake looked at her. Lust leaving her eyes and she knew, oh how she knew. And from there it stuck her. Leighton is engaged and is about to get married. IF they can survive the island.

“I’m sorry, Leigh, I shouldn’t have done that.” Blake said while standing up. Before the brunette could even reply, Blake left the cave. Leighton ran after her.

“Blake!” she shouted. The blonde didn’t bother to look. She won’t let her see her cry in this situation. It’s her fault anyway but Leighton kept calling and she kept on running. Suddenly, the calling stopped but its too late for Blake to know because when she decided to head back to Leighton, and talk to her, she saw Leighton sitting on the ground, her hands on her hands on her leg that is oozing with blood.

Blake stood before her, shocked but immediately sat quickly beside the brunette. She looked at the source of blood,wiped it dry with her bare hands and saw to small holes. Her eyes widened.

“Leighton!” But Leighton was in pain and couldn’t look at her. She took a piece of cloth from her own shirt and tied it above the bite on Leighton’s left leg. After a haste movement, she put her on the wound and sucked the blood and spit it out. Blake did this several times before asking Leighton to stand up.

“We need to get you to the nearest river, Leigh, please”

The two ladies struggle for balance and strength as they proceed deeper into the wilderness before they saw heard a noise of crashing water. In their continuous walk they saw it, a waterfall in the deeper part of the island. Blake immediately put Leighton down and washed her wound.

“We need to get out of here.” Blake said. “Wait for me.” She told the brunette.

When the blonde came back, she has woods on her hands. Leighton looked at her confused.

“What are you gonna do with that?” she asked.

“Fire. We need help.” She said while gathering dried leaves and stones. After a while, Leighton smelled smoke and she saw Blake with a silly grin on her face.

“Good job, rover.” Leighton chuckled still sitting on a big rock.

The sky was high and they are on an open field. And the smoke is getting better. “are you hungry?” Leighton asked Blake.

“Yeah, I want McDonalds.” She joked. And they both laughed. Leighton smiled at her. So genuine, Blake almost had to catch her breath.

“No, im not hungry. Are you?” she asked the shorter girl back. “ No.”

“Im taking a bath.” Blake said.

“Oh” is what all Leighton could say. Blake smiled. And Leighton’s grinned silly and her mind? Oh her cruel mind laughed and is in lust again...

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19 September 2011 @ 06:32 pm

Chapter 3

Blake and Leighton both woke up from the harsh fall of rain and the sneaking of lighting inside the dark cave. It was incredibly cold and the warmth that the small cave could give was not enough. It was obvious that among the two of them, it was the brunette who is more frightened, more unsure, more hopeless. And Blake was afraid she is becoming one too. But strength is needed at this point in time and the shorter girl needs her the most. She felt Leighton moved closer to where she is sitting. And she couldn’t be more honest. She missed her. Too much even. She held the shorter girls hand but much to her surprise, Leighton pulled away.

“Hug me”, the brunette asked.

Blake couldn’t complain. It was Leighton. Her mind could’ve told her otherwise but she succumbs into her warmth once again. Blake buried her face into Leighton’s hair and hugged her from behind. The shorter girl felt better and warmer.



“Why are you on the same ship as mine? Are you planning to go to San Andres, Too?” Leighton asked while playing on the taller girl’s hair.

“I …uhm, yeah… yes. I plan to go there to.” Blake explained uneasily.

Leighton fell silent. Blake asked this time.

“Why are you heading to San Andres?”

This time, it was Leighton’s turn to be lost for words.

“I’m… uhm…” the brunette stammers.

Blake smiled.

“It’s okay if you cannot tell me now.”

Leighton looked at those cobalt blue ocean eyes. She cannot lie. God she could never lie to her, unlike what the blonde did.

“I’m getting married” she said it and said it with distinct tone that even the president of America could say yes. Her gaze dropped 30 feet below and she couldn’t look at Blake. She felt her embrace loosen and then the blonde let go.

Blake tried to catch her eyes and God, Leighton knows that her friend is pretending to be happy. She knows her too well. She hope she doesn’t know her too well because Blake is smiling like an idiot and her lips are grinning from cheek to cheek but her eyes are an epitome of sadness, of desperation, of lost. She avoided her eyes and inhaled. And at last after a million years of silence, Blake was finally able to construct the words in her mouth,

“I’m so happy for you, Leigh.” Kill me now please.

“Thanks” she said finally smiling, too.

“Ed Westwick is a very lucky man. You’ll both be great” the blonde said still not dropping the silly smile she has been wearing since the conversation.

Leighton looked at her unsurprised, bowed her head.

“It’s not Ed, Blake.” She said almost in whisper.

Blake looked at her. Eyes clearly fixed and surprised. But she never failed to smile.

“Then who?” she asked. It doesn’t matter, really. You’re still getting married.

Leighton looked at her with that look that she won’t forget the rest of her life.

“It’s Olivia. Olivia Wilde.”

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19 September 2011 @ 04:57 pm

Chapter 2

The trees were tall, strange and oddly familiar in some ways and the path they are in looks even more dangerous than it seems because the farther they go, the darker it gets and the deeper they’re in, the more unbearable the silence becomes. Woods are everywhere and the creeping noises from who the hell knows subsides together with their courage. They know that the sun has rested because the cold becomes biting and rest is inviting and the inability to see clearly is being hindered by blackness. The brunette found a big rock beside an endless tree and sat on it. Blake saw her.

“What are you doing?” the blonde asked.

“Do I look like I’m sitting?” Leighton asked furiously. Blake rolled her eyes.

“Stay there if you want to get killed. I’m going”

Blake walked past Leighton.

“And where do you think you’re going Lively?” she asked red with anger.

“I don’t want to get killed by a lion or a beast or a vampire” Blake said matter-of-factly.

Leighton’s eyes widened with shock when she heard the last word. She immediately grabbed Blake’s trousers. The blonde looked at her clearly unsurprised and smirking while looking at Leighton who is about to throw anything on her way. Cute in red? Blake thought. And she smiled secretly.

“That’s what I’m looking for!” Blake said ecstatic but clearly lowering her voice. Leighton looks at the direction her companion is pointing.

“A rock?” she asked dumbfounded.

“That’s not just a rock, honey, that’s a cave. See?” the blonde explained proud of herself.

“Oh” the brunette said examining the “cave”.

“And why are you looking for a cave?” she continued.

“We have to have a place to stay in for tonight.” Blake explained.

“Together?? With you? Ew? How can I be sure you won’t harm me Lively?” Leighton exclaimed indescribably so sure of herself.

Blake let out a laugh that made crows fly for safety.

“Not changing much eh Meester?” she grins and walked inside the abandoned cave.

It’s small and the cave is dark inside but Blake was more than sure that she and her crazy companion are safe for the night. They have nothing much inside. Just rocks, dried leaves, sticks and the presence of the other person which clearly is not helping in any way. At some point their relationship has not changed bit. They always fight. They always do but they always stay together. But there was a time when both had enough. The past is intriguing and the present is at stake.

Leighton covered her face and cried quietly while Blake looks far. She heard the shorter girl sob.

“Leigh…” Blake called.

“We’ll get through this, I know.” She made sure. But Leighton kept on crying and the sobs are becoming uneasy.

“Tomorrow well make fire. That way we can get their attention. And we will be saved.” The blonde explained consoling her ex-friend.

“Yeah?” Leighton asked believing.

Blake smiled assuring. “Yeah.”

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19 September 2011 @ 11:19 am
hey all!i made a video about the great friendship between our girls Serena and Blair!please watch it and let me know your opinion.xoxo